Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bangkok Bound

Today is the day. Wow. My bags are packed- to the brim- resting at the door. I board the bus in a couple hours...God help me with all my luggage! I cannot do this on my own, but His grace is sufficient so I do not stress. I'm excited and anxious. Sad to leave my family and dear little nieces, the south is quite far from Bangkok- you can't do weekend visits, traveling takes too long. But I know they will all be up in May to do stuff at the embassy. I'm sad to say goodbye to my faithful companion, Emperor, who is laying next to me as I write this now. I will miss sleeping with him and going on walks together.

The excitement builds and I've got some butterflies in my tummy. The adventure I've always wanted is Here I go. I am armed and ready for whatever comes my way with Jesus by my side. Yes God, have Your way.

Here's some fun photos from my computer with Lalita and Emperor:


Audria said...

Oh my goodness Fancy Face. I am so excited and happy for you. You are so inspiring. I love you.

mary elizabeth said...

good luck, friend! what a great adventure!!

Kandice said...

wow. this post was so powerful for some reason. that you're resting your fate in god's hands; it's beautiful. good luck, lady! i'm kinda really excited for you :D yayy