Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My own place. I have never had my own place, I have only dreamed of it--considering how independent I am. It has been three years since my central coast college days when I lived on my own-with roommates- and I have been waiting for my freedom.

I am really happy and falling more in love with this place each day... I could see myself here for a long time. It's a great space, high ceilings, good sunlight, and only one neighbor since I'm on the corner.

The overnight bus went as well as it could and a young boy helped cart all my luggage over to a taxi and loaded them up. I taxied right to my place arriving at 6:45am, then the very nice security man downstairs helped carry my bags up all 3 flights...bless his heart. I know you're not supposed to tip, but that was too nice so I slipped him some baht. I was tired from not sleeping too well, but too excited to rest, so I began to move furniture. I bet my neighbors below weren't too happy...whoops! I tried to be quiet though, really I did.

Next was shopping time. I couldn't unpack yet because I wanted to majorly clean everything. I took my time loading up my shopping cart at Lotus (Thai Wal-Mart) and walking down every aisle in the store twice...literally! Since it was early, the store was pretty empty, so I figured now would be the time to familiarize myself with the layout.

Again the precious security man helped carry all my bags up...taking a couple trips. After hours of mopping and scrubbing I could begin to unpack. Before I knew it, it was 4pm although it felt like 2am for had been a long day.

The days to follow were filled with more shopping, unpacking, and exploring my nearby streets finding dinner from little carts on the street. I feel very blessed, safe, secure, and at peace. This is going to be a good fit, I know it.

My arrival!

the beginning stages... time to move some furniture

not too shabby after a little decorating...I love it.

bathroom's on the balcony...

plenty of space, next on the list: couch, table, and chairs

no cooking allowed, but street food is cheaper especially for one person, so that's just fine for me.


Kandice said...

congratulations! it looks great :) nice decorating too

Audria said...

Eating out is cheaper?! Amazing!!! Tash, the place is AAADORABLE. I am so happy and excited for you. I am glad you feel settled in...and I love your music choice as you did ;) I love you.