Friday, March 18, 2011

Exhausted, yet incredibly filled.

I just arrived back home down south this morning, after riding the bus all night. Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind. Journeyed from Pattaya to Bangkok, signed important papers in Bangkok, met up with another non-profit, TheBlindProject (check them out, very very cool) to hear their heart and what they're doing, then headed to the southern bus terminal to begin my 12 hour journey back down to the south. I am quite exhausted and won't be blogging much yet about my recent trip. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will leave with my family here to go to a church retreat over the weekend. We will be teaching the sessions, leading worship, planning games and activities. I will definitely need God's strength! After doing non-stop ministry for the last 17 days, I'm a bit on ministry overload, but this weekend will be a great time for our church members to get to know God more and understand all they have received as daughters and sons of God.

Here's a few photo highlights to tide you over, til I can fully blog.

a precious little girl from the slums of Pattaya

melt-my-heart children from the free preschool for working moms and families

the block party where we fed over 300 street sleepers, prostitutes, lame, and cripples.
Such precious people, what an honor to share God's love with of my favorite days.
It was just like the parable of the wedding banquet.

our wonderful team/family (minus two lovely members)
such an honor to serve alongside everyone...and baby Zoe, of course!

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