Sunday, February 13, 2011

Precious Ballerinas

We found a little ballet studio downtown. The starting age is 3, but the instructor said we could bring Lalita in to watch and check it out, see if she enjoys it. They said some half kids are able to start earlier. So we brought Lalita and it was the cutest thing ever! The studio was just adorable. There's a lot of older girls (late teens/early 20's) helping out with all the little girls in class. The little girls are so adorable in their tutu's and ballet shoes. It just melted my heart. That would be so fun to have a dance studio.

Lalita is still too young. She has yet to learn to follow directions and sit still. But she is quite the dancer. Always dancing at home and copying the Wiggles and whatnot. I know she will absolutely love the dance class and making new friends. Many Thai kids are more quite and observant, while Lalita is loud, singing to herself and dancing around wherever we go- definitely not afraid of attention. She is so white that many Thais don't believe she is half, because she looks all 'foreigner' to them. They also question my sister repeatedly, 'She's yours? Your her mom?'. Everyone loves her curls, asking if we do that to her or take her to the salon.

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