Sunday, February 13, 2011

Around the House

Many may wonder what my everyday actually looks like, a part from the ministry days. So here's some photos to help give you a snap shot into daily life in Thailand... mainly just around the house.

outside on the hammock, reading, with my faithful companion!

we've had some crazy rain, but at least it makes it fun to play in!

she loves her rain boots and wears them all the time
Lalita loves to join in on my Skype chats, she always runs up to my computer,
even when I'm not skyping, saying Hi!

buying sticky rice and chicken right out side our yummy!
baking cookies with mama

swinging baby sister

playing outside

always wants to watch me exercise and try to follow along

walking the dog around the neighborhood

Everyone hanging out watching our evening tv shows: Barney, Dora, American Idol, etc.

hanging out with baby sisterBeautiful Asian girl

one month old Kayla


Luisa Fernanda said...

I love love love this! Great pictures =)

mary said...

I loved every picture! I am determined to see you often when we are neighbors. We are leaving in 2 weeks - aaaaghh!

Audria said...

ah, your life looks amazing. So beautiful. I want to jump in that hammock!