Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thai Zoo

Well I have been up to a lot lately and quite busy, so I will try to quickly catch up on the highlights.

We all went to the local zoo the last week my dad was here. It seemed to really improve from a couple years ago. Last time there was a bear and a tiger in their cages just wasting away, I've never seen animals so skinny. They looked so depressed in their tiny cages. But this year the cages are larger and the bear looked a lot healthier. Thank goodness!

When you first walk in there is a large crocodile compound, filled with 15 large crocodiles. They come extremely close to the fence and lay with their mouths open. They look extremely fake, I mean how can that be legal? I can easily put my finger in their mouth or touch their tooth/tongue. Little kids don't know the difference.... it was a little strange.

Lalita was scared for sure, this is as close as I could get.

The other highlight was all the birds. Beautiful large peacocks in all their glory and these beautiful large white ones.
(I wanted to pluck one of those amazing feathers!)

There was also a bunch of ostriches running around their compound, they seemed to be making laps. It reminded me of the Swiss Family Robinsons. I wanted to jump on one of them and ride around!

Half way through the sun broke through the overcast clouds and it became extremely hot!! We were all melting, literally. So we ran quickly over to the bear, tiger, and monkeys. It's quite fun but also a little sad. These monkeys and baboons are in the smallest cages and the little kids can poke them with sticks. All in all, I'd say the zoo is slightly more depressing than enjoyable for adults. I'm definitely not in America!

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