Friday, February 18, 2011

English Camp

The high school we teach English at had their English camp at the beach for a few days so we were invited to help lead it. Only the best students in English were allowed to come, therefore it was mostly girls. It is always so fun to see the kids out of their school uniform, to see their own style. We stayed at this beautiful resort right on the beach, each with our own bungalows. I definitely want to come back to this place.

We taught them some classic American songs: If you're happy and you know it, Hokey Pokey, Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, and a couple other 'American' songs the teachers found, but I had never heard of. :) We played charades, games, relay races, of course some word and sentence problems. Each group had to come up with a skit all in English, quite challenging for them, but they did well.

We had some really good food with the teachers and of course we all swam in the ocean. There were the biggest waves I have ever seen (sadly not pictured), it was crazy, but so so much fun. You could body surf so very far on one wave.

I had some good opportunities to practice some Thai as well. In order to communicate with the students, they struggle with their English, and I struggle with Thai and barely the point will be communicated....sometimes. ;)

teaching the Hokey Pokey
playing games
practicing sentence structures
performing their skits! The girls are quite fashionistas!
with the teachers, we've had quite the adventures together in the past!

These girls were so sweet, Saw on the right is a really good swimmer, so we had fun in the ocean together. In the ocean she handed me a shell and as I was holding it and swimming, I felt something pinch me so very hard! I guess there was still a crab in the shell, little did I know. It was pretty surprising and terrifying.