Sunday, September 5, 2010


Okay now that I'm home, I'll post some pictures of the summer.

This is a shot of Pemba, Mozambique. Gorgeous beaches, we were blessed.

This is my house, there's banana trees lining the back so it's really pretty out back.

These are boabab trees that are everywhere and some are a 1,000 years old, the crazy thing is they are somewhat hollow inside. They are huge!! In South Africa there's one 5,000 yrs old and the trunk is hollowed out 18 sq feet, so there is actually a bar inside the tree. They are awesome. We heard families even used them as hide out during the war.

This was my bedroom, I'm the top bed with the white bug net. 3 bunkbeds per room, there was no room for your stuff!

This is the bathroom 6 girls shared. Notice the duct tape on the toilet seat. *gross!* I showered once a week to conserve water... thank God for wet wipes!!

This is our little kitchen for 11 girls. A little stove and oven on the left with the sink in the corner and a little fridge that rarely held everything we had. When dinner time came you couldn't even move to make your dinner, it was so packed. My patience was tried every night.

This is the hut where we had class everyday 8-1.

This is inside the school hut, all packed in: 130 students. Sitting on concrete for 5 hours was a little brutal =)

Here's me with some of the school kids living in the orphanage on their way to school:

These are my precious roommates: Elais from France and Lauren from England:

After church one day we had a big beach baptism. It was awesome! So many people!!!

Afterwards everyone partied in the ocean:

This was my birthday night, my housemates made me a yummy chocolate, coconut cake:

These are my housemates watching a movie on that little laptop. Every Tuesday night was house night, so our house would watch a movie together outside on our porch and make a cake (you can see the devoured pan on the ground on the right!) for us all to enjoy and usually popcorn too! It was so fun!

Here's some of my friends: Charlie, Matt, and Lauren out one night for dinner. Lauren and Elais had been on outreach in the bush and soon as they got back they were ready for some good food. So we all showered and had an fancy night out!

Okay I'm off to bed, still getting used to the time change, I'll post more soon!

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So great to finally see pictures!!