Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am home. It's nice to be in my bed, but strange. I can't believe I was just half way across the world in Africa. It amazes me how easy it is to travel, how small and accessible the world has become. All you have to do is hop on a plane and you are in a different country, culture, and people group. Wow! There is so much I need to see.

In one day I was in 3 continents, now that is weird. First Africa, next Amsterdam, lastly America. I love seeing people from different cultures and back grounds. When I stepped into the USA it felt so weird being surrounded by Americans. The air was just different, the feeling, the atmosphere. I could totally feel it. Commercialism, materialism, comparing, judging, busyness, flashy, confidence, big, and loud. It oozes from the American soil. I miss Africa. I miss Mozambique. I don't want America. I want simple, surrounded by God's beauty - His constant presence pouring forth from His creation. God I miss that. I need that. My soul needs that. It longs for beauty in creation. I will desperately miss those sunrises, sunsets, and star-lit skies - completely unreal.

But I'm home in America for at least a few months, until the next overseas adventure... Hot showers are absolutely amazing!! We always joke that half your African tan will wash off after the first hot shower. I am proud to say I have a sandal tan. I have never had one and really assumed it was dirt and would wash off. But nope it's staying, at least for a few days! ;)

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mary elizabeth said...

welcome home!

i can only imagine what the difference is here compared to africa. there really is just too much stuff here. too much materialism and consumorism. sometimes it would be nice to just not have any of it.