Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to Work

After a few days of being home and sleeping ALL day, I decided I was ready to start calling people and talking about what I've experienced. That was so much fun, spending at least an hour with each person- telling stories and catching up.

One of my phone calls was to Bre, my friend who I've been working markets with for years and who is now going to Cal Poly. She of course was at market when I called and told me it was her last weekend of work before going to Poly. I missed markets all summer, so I figured I'd jump right in and go with her her last few days. On market days you spend at least 12 hours together, so we'd have plenty of time to catch up! After that first day of work I was so TERRIBLY sore, it was crazy. I knew this was a physically demanding job, but I'm usually quite active at the gym when the season starts. After doing absolutely no physical activity for 3 months, I thought this must be how the Biggest Losers feel after their first work-out. It was awful!! =) Then I managed to talk Bre into doing 3 more markets right before she had to leave. We had so much fun in San Francisco! Laughing at the crazies at market, laughing because we are delirious from running on little sleep, staying the night in the city, and enjoying yummy food.

Here we are San Francisco Civic Center 6am time to unload this bad boy

Asians love our super sweet melons. They were buying them right off the truck.

It was such mayhem!!

Brean doing her thing-- stack those tomatoes girl!!

All set up from scratch

Sell Sell Sell

Gotta push those samples!!

Taking a little break in back. Krispy Kreme, yes please!

Tossing unsold melons back onto the truck. My favorite after a long work day. What a work out!!! No need for the gym in this business. =)

Finally all packed up and ready to be tied down at 6pm, just another 12hr shift, what?

This is at the Crocker Galleria in SF an amazing building, especially for a market

Our stall is located out on the street

Love this market, love this city

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