Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aug 1

Wow, one more week of class. David Hogan is here and apparently he has raised over 500 people from the dead. He is a powerful, passionate man of God. I cannot wait for him to speak to us! Next Sun, I am leaving on my extended outreach. I have to say good-bye to all my good friends. *sad!* But then I’m off to another adventure for 15 days on outreach. We have to drive 3 days to get to the city we are staying in. Then 3 days back- God give us patience for one another! I’m excited though. I’m also trying to move my flight a bit so I can do an African Safari in South Africa. I really hope it works out, that would be amazing!
Last week we had dinner with our ‘color group’ pastors (the ones we do outreach with). I looked around my group at all the white people and realized that of the 13 of us, there were 8 different nations. America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, England, South Africa, and Hong Kong. This time has been so special, merging with peoples from all over the world- ministering and loving people together. Plus being paired with the Mozambican pastors and praying with them is so incredible. Last week for one of our classes we washed each other’s feet. It was such an honor to wash the Mozambican pastor’s feet. They sacrifice so much to be here, to learn more about God, and are ready to be persecuted and even die for their faith. When they washed mine, there were no words to describe how honored I felt. It was so special.
I fly home August 28, I can’t believe it! I’ll be seeing yo

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mary elizabeth said...

wow, it sounds like you have had incredible and life changing experiences while in africa! i love reading about your experiences. i can't believe you are almost done! time sure does fly!