Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 29

A week or so ago I got to go on another outreach. This one was so amazing! I got to go with my good friend and roommate, Elais. We only drove for 3 hours- that is a breeze compared to the 8 hours from before.
Apparently the village we stayed at is often attacked by wild elephants at night, so we tried to get there before nightfall. The sun was set by the time we arrived, but there were no elephants in sight. *bitter sweet* The Mozambican pastors were so helpful unloading our stuff and setting up camp. This time we were in our own little compound so no village kids could come in. It was nice not having to worry so much about our stuff. But the latrines were a different story. The kids found it so fascinating to watch us squat and pee. *gross!* They would try to peak in at all directions- jumping up on the wall on every side. It was a bit violating. A couple of us would have to keep watch and chase the kids away.
The first night the speakers/sound system was not working, so we couldn’t show the Jesus film or use a microphone. So we got a guitar and the pastors led us in some Makua songs under the moonlight, which is so surprisingly bright in Africa- there is no need for a flashlight, it’s crazy. After a little while of gathering a crowd, the translator told the people we would pray for them in Jesus name. Elais and I paired up and went for it. Many women needed prayer for their stomachs, heads, or babies. Before we knew it, we had a long line formed. After prayer everyone said they felt better! Then one girl said she couldn’t see out of one eye. We don’t know for sure the extent of sight. But after prayer, she said she could see! She said it was good and her whole countenance changed. She was smiling so brightly. Thank you Jesus! We don’t know if she was totally blind or partially, but she can now see. Praise God!
The next day we went around the village praying for people. The pastors were so active and helping us pray- it was amazing to minister with them. We invited everyone to the Jesus film. We didn’t see much healing that time, but we knew we were at least changing the atmosphere and preparing the people to see/hear the Gospel message. The film had been shown in that village before and there was a church, but it seemed a decent percent still had not heard. Later the pastor of the church there led us up upon this mountain that overlooked the whole valley we were in. As we were hiking we saw wild monkeys running along the hillside- it was incredible. The view from the top was indescribable—green trees, mountains in the horizon, mud huts, and pillars of smoke rising. “This is Africa”, I thought. All the village kids were running around us- showing us plants and bugs and chasing us with scorpions. There it struck me- I’m in Africa. It was breathtaking. When the children moved on to the next foreigner to pester, study, and annoy, it was so peaceful--just staring out at God’s beautiful, vast creation and realizing if this is what earth looks like- heaven’s going to be hundreds of times better. Wow!
In the evening we played the Jesus film. Afterwards it was game time! We did a very powerful skit about the freedom that comes from Jesus. Then the pastor passionately spoke and asked those who needed healing to raise their hands. A Muslim man said his knees were hurting. We asked if he could squat or jump or run and he could not. After some prayer we asked him to move around. He started slowly and then he started jumping. His countenance completely changed. He was beaming from ear to ear. He was running in place, jumping, and squatting. He was laughing and so excited. We told him Jesus healed him- the one from the movie. He said he wanted Jesus in his heart, and asked if it was ok he was a Muslim. He prayed for Jesus and then he was filled with such joy. In less than a minute, he was healed, saved, and filled with the joy of Christ. It was beautifully amazing.
Then Elais and I saw a woman with a crippled hand. We asked if she could open and close it—she could not, only with the other hand. We prayed for healing and afterward asked her to move it. She slowly began to open it and this huge smile came over her face. Then she started to open and close it really fast. She was so happy. Thank you Jesus! There is power in that name!
Again I went over to a man with his hand raised and asked what was wrong. He pointed to his legs. I asked him to jump and squat- he could not. I bent down and prayed for healing in Jesus name. As I was praying I felt heat in his knees and also like a clicking and popping in his knees. After I asked him to squat and jump. Same thing happened as before, he was a little hesitant at first, but when he noticed a difference, he could not stop moving around, running in place, and jumping. He was so happy! The power of God is so amazing. How much He loves His children and wants to heal them is amazing! It has totally increased my faith being around that and seeing the power of God touching people.
The rest of my team saw many amazing miracles as well. After we prayed for everyone, they blasted the music and we had a huge dance party in the middle of the bush in Africa. It was so awesome!
The next morning we went to the church and had a little service with the children. It was so much fun. The little kids all wanted to hold my hand and touch me. They loved looking at my white, freckly skin. They were fascinated by the hair on my arm and that when you press on my skin it turns whiter for a moment. They were so sweet, it was hard to say good-bye. We all hopped back on the camion and were home before we knew it-- although not before returning with loads of dust and dirt covering us. A shower never felt so good! What an amazing experience, God is so good!

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