Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 15, 2010

Time here is winding down, I can’t believe it. I still have 1 ½ months but that’s because of my extended outreach a the end. We only have 21 more days of school. That’s 21 more days of being with the amazing friends I’ve made. Now that is sad. We’re all from different continents so the odds of us all being together are slim to none. That’s a crazy thought. I am not ready for it to end. Some people are but I am not. I’ll miss the close community and daily fellowship. This has been the opportunity of a lifetime, I feel so incredibly blessed. I wish everyone could experience this.
It’s amazing to be living right amongst the poor. When we go to visit them in the village, they are so generous. They are so quick to give you the little food they have- their dinner basically- is freely given to you. It’s unreal. What little they have , they freely give. We can all learn from them. There are those who walk hours just to come to church . And there are cripples who have to crawl and still they make the journey to come. Along side our school is a Bible school for the Mozambicans. It is a 5 year program. Men come from provinces all around- some a 3 day journey. They come and stay for 3 months like us- they leave their wife and kids. All because they are hungry for more of God and more understanding of the Bible. Iris is all about training up the nationals to lead their country and making sure it’s not dependent on the foreigners.

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I am so proud of you~