Monday, June 7, 2010

Settling In

Things are going great! I love my two roommates, one from France, Elias, and one from England, Lauren. We are out and about shopping for fruit and clothes and a new toilet seat!!! :) I have grieved the loss of my lugage and released it. It is not going to take my joy!! If it shows it shows, which I hope it does, please keep praying. But I've heard some people never received their bags the whole school. But thankfully, people have been quite generous, which is such a blessing.

Adjusting to life and food and the flow of activites is going quite well. People are already sick of rice, but thankfully I'm not picky- food is food. It's quite amazing, I thought I would be starving and losing weight. But I'm always full and will probably put on weight I've heard.

There are ants all over me right now. There's a saying here TIA (This is Africa!). It is hot here, but not too bad. I can't even imagine coming in the summer time here. Apparently many people leave early because it's too hot!

We had our mulitcultural class this morning with Hiede. They are teaching us a song of John 3:16 in Makua, it's quite fun, but hard to pick up the sylables. Rolland spoke to us this mornig and it was amazing. He is such a carry of the presence of God. It is such an honor to have him so close and personal. I count it such a blessing to be here right now. The whole school is geared for those who are or who want to be missionaries. It is so amazing to be surrounded by so many people sold out for the Lord.

I need to figure out how to post pictures. Hopefully soon!

Thanks for all the prayers!

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mary elizabeth said...

sounds like it has been quite the adventure so far!! and i will continue to pray that your luggage will show soon!

tasha -- i just want to say how much i admire you. you are an amazing girl, and i know the Lord is very, very pleased with your willingness to serve Him. you rock! love ya!