Monday, June 14, 2010

Luggage Arrived!!!!

Yea!!! My luggage arrived on Saturday, it is truly a miracle. After many prayers and numerous hours of phone calls my mom made trying to track them down, they were found. They had about 10 different flight tags on them, they have been everywhere!!! The locks are gone and they were open but nearly everything made it here. Some stuff was broken and there was dirt/sand on things, but thank goodness, it definitely could have been worse! Thank you Jesus!

Apart from that, things have been great. Jackie Pulinger is here this week, what an honor to hear her speak and gain wisdom from here. This morning we had Heidi, Rolland, and Jackie speak to us. I feel so blessed, all the wisdom I am receiving.

Time seems to go by so slowly here, it is great. I love my roomates and know so much about them and yet I've only known some for 10 days, it is crazy. When 8pm hits, it feels like 11pm-- it's very strange.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for all your prayers, it is definitely a miracle. Those bags were completely lost. Thank you God!

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Audria said...

Fancy Face! I am so glad that your luggage got there. I bet that is comforting. I love you and I am so excited for you. You are a champ for sure. xoxoxo