Saturday, June 5, 2010

May 31

It is day 3 here and yet it almost feels much longer. I can not believe I am here. It’s different than I expected but then again I didn’t know what to expect. The first day was massively overwhelming- beginning with discovering my luggage was lost! Please pray for me as not having my belongings makes this transition to this new world all the more difficult. I haven’t brushed my teeth in almost a week. I’m at the mercy of others for bug spray and sunscreen. Luckily I did pack my malaria pills in my carry-on. This is definitely a stripping time.

My house is one of the fullest- we have 11 girls while others have about 9. The room is small with 3 bunk-beds only. We all share 2 bathrooms, which are quite disgusting. Our toilet seat is held together by duct tape—talk about sanitary! J We can’t flush anything paper, so it is all put in a bag next to the toilet. I don’t think the bathroom has been cleaned in years. I would rather go in a hole in the ground. Welcome to Africa!

My first dinner was interesting. I don’t have silverware, so had to use my hands—it was some traditional African dish on rice. It was interesting, extremely salty and made me a bit nauseous. When I left for dinner we were mauled by kids- I felt like I was in Cambodia again. Later I learned those kids are generally the villages ones- not from Iris.

The first few days have been the hardest, adjusting to no privacy, no where to really rest and relax. But I know adjustment will happen soon. I still can not believe I am here. Praise God!

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