Tuesday, April 20, 2010


For awhile I was trying to figure out what to do with myself come next fall. I could do a second year of my schooling at the church, quit the school and just attend the church, or move on. After weeks of prayer and seeking the Lord. I feel that this one year of ministry school is enough for me, I've got enough under my belt at this point and I'm satisfied with what I've learned. But on the same hand, leaving Vegas in May is way too soon. I have really started to make great connections and relationships- I'm not ready to leave them yet. So I was feeling that I could come back in the fall and just attend church and really plug in and still learn and help in leadership positions. But I won't be held down by the demands of school. It's definitely different when you do things because you have to and when you want to. I'm excited for that- it changes the motive of the heart and I think you get more out of it.

Upon deciding this, I was also thinking it would be nice to still work at the church, but whose to say my position would still be open 4 months from now when I return. Within a week of me desiring this, I was approached by my accounting bosses that a new full-time position is opening and the head pastor recommended me by name for the job. Wow! It's so nice to hear that my work ethic and character have made an impression and are getting rewarded! :)

What an honor especially during a time where many positions and hours are being cut at the church, here I am being handed a job. God is good! After prayer and consideration I believe this was confirmation to what I was already feeling. I have my own desk now as they are preparing for my new job. Someone will maintain my job while I'm gone in the summer, and when I return in the fall it will be waiting for me. I've committed for the 'school year', October - May. That was a step for me, as I don't like commitment and don't know how I'll feel after the summer. But I feel God has called me to Vegas for one more year to soak up everything I can before I am sent out further. It is calming to know what my 'future', to an extent, looks like and know it will be there waiting for me.

God orchestrates all my steps and I know this is all a part of His will and timing.

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