Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 1

June 1

Adjustment is happening! One nice thing is we’re all in the same boat—removed from our environment and all alone. It reminds me of freshman year of college in the dorms or going away to summer camp. The girls in my room are very sweet- our house has 2 rooms, 5 and 5 in each. One is Lauren from England she is turning 25 this month as well. It’s great we can have our ‘quarter-life crisis’ together!! We are quite similar and get along great. It’s funny, we’re already picking up each other’s accents. Another girl is Erica, 22, from Colorado. Next is Annie, 40, from France—she speaks a little English, I don’t know how she is coping. And our last roommate just arrived, Elias, 24, from France as well. Now we can communicate with Annie! J

Everyone is so friendly and loving. There are 132 students and some are still arriving. We have a large group from Russia trying to get here but have encountered many problems. But apparently the Russians are coming! J But for those here I think I’ve met most of them and amazingly remember all their names.

It is beautiful here. Lots of red sand/dirt but it just adds to the beautiful color all around, beautiful green trees, blue/turquoise ocean and amazing sunsets. The stars at night are unbelievable, I feel like I’m in a planetarium. We haven’t started school yet so I don’t know what to expect but I’m ready!

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