Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Living in Vegas has been going well. Never thought I'd be here, but here I am.

I have been learning so much at school- so much practical, life-applicable tools- quite invaluable.

Earlier this year I started working in the accounting department at church. Everyone was shocked and confused by my speed and efficiency- they assumed I must have done it wrong. ;) What took most people days to complete, I was completing in a matter of hours. I didn't know this, I was just doing my job. *How did it take people two days???* My nickname around the office soon became Speedy Gonzales. So that was quite encouraging. I graduated college over 2 years ago and haven't touched accounting since. So I was a bit nervous- what if I don't remember anything? The job is much more straight forward than I expected though- the computer software does wonders! In school we learned everything by hand. What use to take me hours to do by hand is completed now by a few clicks of the mouse- it's amazing.

I love the ladies I work with and how convenient it is. I just walk over to the office after school and put a half days work in. I really love being able to listen to worship/Christian music and not have to worry if I'm offending anyone. That is a great bonus, that I will cherish while I work there. But at the same time I look forward to my time ending there. It's miserable working inside all day, only talking to the others in the office. I really really miss doing the Farmer's Markets. There's just something about working outside. Never-the-less, I feel beyond blessed to have this job and will appreciate it always. But what keeps me sane is that there is an end, if this was my career I'd probably have to shoot myself. ;)

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