Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring is here!

Well I am, by far, way over due for a new post. *Sorry!*

Life has been good. Crazy and busy, but honestly whose isn't?

The older I get, I reflect back on the life I've lived and I get so tripped out. I have experienced, seen, and taken part of so much. It truly amazes me. I hope everyone feels that way about their life, but maybe they don't. Either way I feel blessed and pleased with the life I've lived.

I'm at my parents for the week and it seems it's always here where life 'hits home' the hardest. I uncover old boxes tucked away in my closet with old pictures, letters, notes, and trinkets. Old memories surface and I'm stuck in a wave of nostalgia. Did that really happen? How simple life was then. It's like an out of body experience because I feel like such a different person now.

Life is crazy. I will be 25 in two months... now that's just weird. I never thought I'd be this old. I always figured I'd be married now with a couple kids. But God has other plans I guess. There is something to freedom though. No commitment, no attachment, nothing tying you down. I've grown much to attached to my freedom, that's for sure. Being able to pick up and move or travel in a weeks notice is just plain beautiful. The world is just way to big to settle down and miss out on experiencing it.

Live your life to the fullest and never stop dreaming!

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