Saturday, December 26, 2009

Visiting family

After Montana, we ventured down to Utah and stayed the night at my Granddad and Anne's. It was a really good visit. Got to see some snow falling and Anne is such a wonderful cook we were quite spoiled. Anne also makes her own chocolates, like See's candy, I definitely made myself sick trying to taste and find all the different chocolates. ;-)

Great Aunt Marge came over with some of her sons for dinner. It was a good visit, trying to remember faces from the past. She brought over some family memorabilia. One was an old photo album my great great Grandma brought over from England in 1900 and at the back was a music box that still worked, it was really cool. Next was the old family Bible from 1860 that has been passed down. It was really cool, they had filled out the births, marriages, and death section. Turns out some relatives migrated to California to Oakdale and Modesto which ironically is where we live now.

Genealogy is so fascinating.

Eating some lunch
Everyone together
(Lalita is smiling because she's
punching me in the face)

looking at the old family Bible

They had this giant monkey that Lalita was
scared of at first but soon warmed up to.

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