Friday, December 18, 2009

Road Trip

Well I have officially drove from Las Vegas all around and up the coast to Spokane Washington. That's just crazy when I see it on the map. But all in all not to bad. After Spokane Phil took over and drove us to Kalispell, Montana. We arrived last night in the dark, so I am excited to see this place in the daylight! Obviously there is snow all around. I was trying to remember the last time I really saw snow- like enough on the ground to actually play in- and sadly I have no recognition of a time since my Senior year of high school- the last time I want skiing. So that would have been 6 years ago, that is just crazy!

The driving wasn't too bad, but Lalita didn't sleep much, like I always remember kids passing out in their car seats for hours... not her. But we did bring a DVD player and some of her baby movies. Luckily children can watch the same thing over and over and over and somehow still respond like it's the first time.

We now get to rest for a few days before the drive to Utah. YES!

Lalita and Pook got to see a horse for the first time in person and touch one and feed one actually! Lalita was a bit scared at first but warmed right up. At first she just touched the horse with her finger and then by the end she slapped him, we figured that was a good time to say good-bye!

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