Sunday, October 25, 2009

School Schedule

School has been going great! I am learning so much and discovering so much about myself. The discovering myself part makes it kinda tough sometimes. One week I'm on cloud 9 and loving life, the next I see how much of a failure I am. I seem to be on an emotional roller coaster right now.

I'm about 6 weeks into the program and loving it. School is on Tues-Friday 7am- 12:30pm. My classes include:

1. Culture of Honor-learning how to love ourselves so in return we can love others on purpose

2. Leadership- different pastors and teachers come in and talk to us

3. Breakthrough-this is with one of the pastors who is also a pyschiatrist helping us get breakthrough from our past and past hurts making us whole so we can fully pour out onto others

4. Old Testament- we are reading through the whole Old Testament and get the priviledge of being taught by a very wise and godly professor

5. Prophetic class-being taught the spiritual gift of prophecy and how to use it Biblically

** We also have an elective and right now mine is Prophetic Painting-it is really fun and definitely one of my favorites, it is helping me be more free in my painting and not so perfection oriented.

During the week we have community outreaches every wed. Last week we went around the neighborhood and prayed over the houses and invited them to our Family Fun Fair on the 31st and if we got a prophetic word we wrote it down and gave it to them. Also on Wed we intern with a ministry. I am involved with the missions department which I am excited about. My host dad is actually in charge of missions so I get to work with him and his assistant. Then wed nights we help out with a ministry during the service. I used to be with 3 & 4 year old girls Missionettes (like Awanas) but they don't seem to have much need so last week I moved into the Women's Ministry. I might check out the young adults group as well.

Then on Sundays we help out with a ministry during the first service. I help teach the 2 & 3 year olds with one of my classmates- this can be quite chaotic with 20 of them. But when we have volunteer helpers it definitely helps with the stress. Then we all attend the second service and have 'altar duty' this is whenever there is an 'altar call' we go up there a pray for the people or be prepared for 'catching' individuals moved by the spirit. Then we also go to the evening service.

The schedule and involvement is quite intense, and very demanding. It is important not to get burnt out. I realized I have never been invovled with a church like this. I'm usually just a sunday involvement person, so this is all new and different. It is a lot of fun though really getting involved, knowing the heart beat of the church, and forming quite a community.

Homework load really isn't too bad- especially compared to real college. I am the only collge graduate so no one has had to deal with that kind of schedule/ learning how to time manage. We have lots of reading though, so it is nice to be able to read with ease and not stress about time and just getting it done. I'm loving all of it, it makes such a difference when you are really passionate about teh subject!

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