Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am moving to Las Vegas in 5 days, the reality still hasn't hit me though. I am anxious, nervous, excited, and everything in between. I am so ready for a change, I think it's hard for me to remain in one place for too long. Commitment, that's the hard part. I will be in Vegas for two years, that's about as long as I can commit. Even then, I can't believe I will be 26 by the time school is done... that is so old, I feel depressed just writing it. Everyone says 26 isn't old, but it's OLD to me. What happened with being married with kids by 24??? That has come and passed. But anyway, back to Vegas.

I am going to a Bible School through the International Church of Las Vegas. I am pretty stoked for that. It is an amazing church with so many activities and things to get plugged into. I am excited for all the teaching I am going to receive and all the training I will get. A treasure that is so priceless. My work is exhausting, this summer has been exhausting, I am so ready to be submerged in such a godly environment... my soul desperately needs that.

I feel like I'm 18 again, going away to college, only now I'm 6 years older. I can't believe high school and 18 was that long ago. But this time, I'm packing my car and driving myself 8 hours away. No parents.

I will be staying with a family in the church. The husband is the executive pastor and they have 2 children, boy and girl. The girl finished her first year at the school and will be starting year 2. She can give me some pointers, I suppose. It will be interesting to live with a family... how does that work???? I'm 24. Perhaps I will find my own place real soon after the move, I think I'm ready for that. Through college I lived with 15 different people, that's kind of a lot in my book. My own space, my own kitchen, my own bathroom; that sounds wonderful. But we shall see, maybe it's not quite my time for that.

There are 30 first year students in the school and 90% are girls.... where, o where is my Mr. Right? I guess I'll be able to focus on school a whole lot better though, right? =)

I should start packing, 5 days left and 2 will be spent in the city at work. But I can't, the reality hasn't hit. I guess I will on Friday when I have only 2 days... that sounds more like me. =)

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Eliza said...

I am so excited for you. It cracks me up that the school is in Vegas of all places though, lol.

Dude, when you do find Mr. Right boy is he going to be floored because talk about hitting the jack pot with you :)

Now I'm wishing I were back in Utah so a little trip to Vegas to visit was more feasible.