Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Love

I can't believe it's already the middle of summer and also the end of July... where O where did this month go? Work has been going great, I love the girls I work with, so it doesn't always feel like work. I'm learning not to get too stressed out, that is difficult though. Last week I was interviewed at market about 'Leisure Time' and how needed it is. You can check it out at: www. yourtake.blip.tv I'm like the fourth person interviewed, it's pretty funny. I was excited though, whenever there's cameras at market I always try to get on them!

I stay the night in the city every Wed at my friend, Vanessa's house which is a lot of fun. Last week we got the best manicure. It was like 45 min and they do amazing massages too and pour hot wax on your arms. It was amazing after a long day of work.

I love this part of the year, working markets through the summer. I never realized before how much I love being outside, I feel blessed to always be outside for work. I love all the contacts and regular customers I get through the year. Each day I try to learn one new name- I'm so impressed when I remember (and I know they are too!) Working the markets brings a side out of me, that usually doesn't appear. I am so bold, confident, loud, and carefree. I do not care what others think. It's so freeing to be completely uninhibited by others.

Occasionally people will steal from us, I typically don't see it as I am so busy, but someone will tell me. So I'll take off running through/outside the market until I catch up to them. It doesn't take much, I get in front of their path and look them in the eye and say, "Excuse Me?!?!" and then they typically turn the product over. As I walk back to my stall, the homeless men who help work for the other farmers tell me they had my back and were going to come to my rescue if I needed it, then the market manager runs up to see if everything's alright. I am always being watched and to that I am completely oblivious, but very thankful!

Our stall takes a lot of care and time, there is never one moment of rest- honestly, bathroom breaks and food are nonexistent. The market is 12 hours. I am running around for 12 hours hardly looking much further than my stall. Other farmer's around me sell vegetables (not much work) so I know they are just watching me/us the entire day. It is really comical. I wish I could set up a camera across the way and record the entire day and then watch it in fast forward, I think it would be hilarious.

But this is what I love. I am so good at it and my customers are so happy to see me, you just can't beat that.

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