Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raw Food

So lately I've been researching about having a raw food diet or Living on Live foods.  

I stumbled upon this website: it is a blogsite of this guy who is a total advocate for living raw. You should seriously check it out, it's pretty amazing.  Check out the videos he's made of making smoothies-- pretty cool.  He is extremely knowledgeable and has definitely done his research.  He is this absolutely beautiful man who models for a living.  He shows how he was before becoming raw and after and the results are amazing.  He was toned and ripped before, but after becoming raw he totally leaned out, the puffiness of his face went away and he lost those last 15lbs that you just can't lose.  


pretty amazing transformation! 

Anyway, so I've been reading up on this whole way of life-- not because I feel I need to lose weight but because it is absolutely amazing what raw plants can do for the body.  There are so many active enzymes and proteins- that do miracles in the body- in food that are instantly killed when cooked or processed. It's just like God to design beautiful plants that when eating can totally provide and heal certain parts of our body.  Like eating 2-3 cucumbers a day does wonders for your skin.  You will no longer need to wash your face with harsh cleaners or even apply any lotion on your body.  Eating this way is like bringing heaven on earth- eating just pure, natural, amazing, fresh food.

I've talked to other 'rawist', what they call themselves, and all of them talk about how much energy they have.  They just feel lighter, more energetic, and hardly need sleep.  The blog guy, Anthony, says he now only needs about 4 hours of sleep each night (that's amazing!  I wish I didn't need so much sleep!).  His head is clearer, not foggy, not forgetful. I feel like I've been having problems in this area, I never used to forget so much or just completely blank on something I should know. I always thought well maybe that's what happens when you stop going to school, so I'm interested to see if this improves. He is a big advocate for putting to rest the idea that all vegans and rawist are pale and super, skinny, malnourished basically.  But you can get all the protein and healthy fat you need from certain plants and have tons of energy to work out and lift weights.

So I have decided to try this for the month of May.  It will be great because my Farmer's Markets are starting soon and I will be able to get as much produce as I desire!  I want to buy a really good juicer too, so I can just juice tons of vegetables-- I'm excited!  I've tried eating raw before but on day 3 I thought I was dying, I had no energy and that's because I wasn't eating enough.  You need to eat like 8 lbs. of vegetables daily.  So I will make sure I'm eating enough this time around.

I will keep you posted on my experience.  I plan to also run about 3 miles a day, to stay active and toned.  I started this diet yesterday and I weighed 130 lbs.  I'm excited to see what transformation my body will take after one month.  Now that I've blogged about it, I won't be able to quite early, so I'm thankful for the added pressure!  :-)

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mary elizabeth said...

i think it is so important to listen -- i mean really listen -- to our bodies. they know what we truly need + want.

my grandpa lange only eats raw! and i swear, that man will outlive even me! :D

good luck! i can't wait to see your progress and hear how it goes!