Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Returning Home

I am traveling home tomorrow.  I can not believe the time has come, but I think I am ready. We already left Nakhon and are staying in Bangkok so I've already said some goodbyes, now I'm just waiting for the final day.  

I am ready to get back to life, to start working, building relationships, and pursuing the future.

It will be sad to leave.  I will miss every aspect of life here: the food, the people, the culture, the beautiful and tropical landscape.  So many amazing layers to this country.  I'm interested to see how my adjustment back to America will be.  Will I be jaded?  Will I be homesick for Thailand? It will be very different to actually understand the language around me.  I know it will be an adjustment to not being stared at by everyone.  Not that I like it but when you're treated like Paris Hilton- you kinda get used to it.  I have been in countless photos of people passing by me and asking if they can take my photo. It's very surreal.  Phil lives in a small southern town where a young, white female is extremely uncommon.

I have learned so much, especially about myself.  This has been such invaluable time to sit, reflect, and discover who I am and what I desire.  It takes a while to get to your core and figure out what you want in this life.  I believe I reached that though.

And like all of life, seasons come and go.  I'm excited to see what this new season has in store for me.


Eliza said...

Have a safe trip home. This post seemed very poetic and beautiful and full of wisdom... simply put, you're amazing and I'm sure this next season in your life will be wonderful. You deserve that.

mary elizabeth said...

it is so crazy to me that you are already coming home. it just seems like a little bit ago you were telling me you were going to thailand! i've really enjoyed your fun + beautiful stories about your journey.

and i cannot wait to hear more stories about this next chapter of your life. go out and conquer the world, tash! like eliza said, you deserve it!