Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funny thougths

Everyone thinks my brother and I are married *gross!* and that Pook is our nanny.  

When told Lalita is a half kid, they are thoroughly confused and try to correct us.  

When Pook is holding the baby they point to me and ask if I'm the mom.

If they know Phil and I are siblings they then ask if we are twins. *sometimes we say yes*

When we say we're 4 years apart, they ask whose older and often times think it's me. *what?* *sad dance*

Us and our nanny--- just kidding! :-)


Eliza said...

I love that you guys sometimes say yes to being twins!

mary elizabeth said...

haha, that's awesome!

my friend mara and i sometimes tell people we're sisters when people ask us if we are... and we've even been asked the twin thing too... and we're guilty of saying yes! its just too fun!