Monday, April 27, 2009


Last week we attended a Revival conference for the pastors in southern Thailand.  It was put on by Pastor Paul and his wife who lead a Vineyard Church in Montana. They brought with them a team of their Fire School students to help lead the conference.  They have been out to Thailand several times in the past to minister to the people.  They have a real heart for the Thai people.  

I had an amazing experience and learned many new things. There are many things in the Christian walk that many believers do not practice or carry out, I no longer want to be one of these.  I love conferences, church camps, retreats, etc. because you always leave with such a high.  I really want to maintain this new mentality I have and not go back to my old way of living.  I know it will take work, but the reward is extremely worth it.  The things I have witnessed and learned have opened me up to new ways of thinking and possibly given me a direction for my future... exciting to see what the Lord has for me.

It is absolutely amazing to worship God in another country.  To see people from across the world worshipping Him in the same way and experiencing Him and His love in the same way.  It completely boggles my mind.  It helps you see first hand that God is the same yesterday and today.  My God is the same as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  He never changes.  People all over the world since the beginning of the world have been experiencing intimate relationships with Him.  I love my God.  I love how big He is and how vast beyond my understanding He is.

Everyone worshipping.  Pook helping lead and singing some of her songs.

Pastor Paul and Margee from Montana

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mary elizabeth said...

this is a beautiful post. thank you for sharing your experiences + feelings.

i love knowing that we are in such loving hands. the Lord wants nothing but the best for us. He knows us personally and will help guide us through this life. that is such a huge comfort to me because this life can be so crazy sometimes!

thank you for your beautiful words + example!