Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Group

Our Life Groups with the high school kids have been going well.  The first few weeks we had a real good turn out, about 13 kids.  And since then we've had a continuous 8 or so who come each week.  We sing a hand full of worships songs and then read and discuss a Bible passage and spend a bit of time in prayer.  They are all completely new to Christianity so we have to start at the basics.  Phil and Pook explain to them how to hear from the Lord and to believe God for healings, to pray/ask God for healings.  A couple weeks ago, one of the girls told us that one night she had a really bad stomach ache that just would not go away.  So she decided to pray and ask God to heal her and as soon as she was done praying, the pain went away.  It is just so neat to see God moving in the kids lives and to see them taking what we've taught them and put it into practice.  They have such faith in God and believe that He can heal.

all the girls love Lalita
playing ping pong

Last week was the Thai New Year so we had a bbq over at the house for any students who wanted to come.  It was great, we ate bbq shish-kabobs and some of the girls made a few Thai dishes.  They were a little spicy, but very yummy!  Then we all watched a movie, Men in Black, afterwards. (we watched with Thai dubbed over the voices and English subtitles- makes it a little more interesting for me!)

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