Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beautiful Nature

I recently went to a waterfall near our house. The south, especially Nakhon, is full of waterfalls. This was 40 min from our house and was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was extremely long and tall, just cascading down the mountains into pools after pools after pools. You could hike up the whole thing but I'm sure that would take a few hours, so we just hiked up to the closest pool and swam there. The water was a bit chilly but also refreshing. It was so beautiful, I could hardly take it all in- I wish I could go there every day or at least every week! :-)

(not a great view of waterfall)

The pool where we swam


Yesterday the teachers brought me up to the mountains. We first visited a little place where they make clothing out of mangosteen (a local fruit). I bought some pants and a cute bag-- all organic! Then we visited a school- the location was breath taking. It was so colorful and green with mountains surrounding all sides and it was slightly overcast so the sky was full of color too. Naturally I had no idea what we were doing there- the teachers never communicate anything to me! All of a sudden many teachers started coming up to me and introducing themselves and their Head Masters (important people) and before I knew it I was the center of many many pictures with random official people. :-) One of my teachers jokingly said, "Everyone always looks at you! Sometimes I don't like you." It was funny.

Then we went to a restaurant near the river and ate. They ordered whole bbq fish-bones, tail, gills, head and eyes. I didn't want to eat one but you've gotta try everything at least once is my moto. So I did, and it actually wasn't all that bad!

view from our table

After lunch I had the opportunity to swim in the river. I was excited because since it was overcast it was so incredibly humid, I was drenched in sweat. The water felt amazing, not chilly a bit and the view was also unbelievable.

After swimming we drove to another school where apparently the teachers knew the Head Master. When we arrived he was glad to see me and asked if I could speak to his students. WHAT? Come again?... were my thoughts exactly. The teacher I came with turns and says, "Oh ya I forgot to tell you we were stopping at a school for you to talk to." Alright... Before I knew it he had gathered all the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in a room and I was in front. Luckily knowing they probably won't understand a thing I say, I wasn't nervous. The key was just trying to find simple things to say that would interest them but would also last 15 min. Obviously after 5 min. there wasn't much else to say so the teacher asked if I had a song to teach them. I immediately thought of Head, shoulders, knees, and toes (Thank God!), so the singing began and they all had a lot of fun with it. There were many laughs and giggles.

One thing I've learned is to expect the unexpected, be ready for anything, and always smile and be confident because someone is always watching! :-) But what can I say, I'm gonna miss this place!

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Eliza said...

Wow, it really does look beautiful! And good job thinking of head, shoulders, knees, and toes on the spot... I'm sure they just loved it.