Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby news

Today we went to the doctor for a check up since Pook is 2 days past due. The doctor said that Pook has decreased in amniotic fluid which could put the baby in distress real soon. He said that it would be unsafe to do a natural child birth, without much fluid, so he wants to do a C-section. We were hoping that wouldn't be the case since the recovering period is so much longer and the cost is almost triple. He said it makes him nervous that Pook hasn't gained weight in the last 3 weeks. He is unsure though why the fluid has decreased. The most important thing though is a healthy baby so Pook will have her surgery tomorrow, sun, at 11 am our time... so sat. at 8pm California time. All your prayers would greatly be appreciated at that time! We're all excited to bring home the baby girl!


i'm mary elizabeth said...

We will keep Pook + the baby in our prayers. Love you guys!

Eliza said...

This sweet baby girl and Pook will most definitely be in our prayers!