Sunday, November 30, 2008

Xinnia Lalita Hansen

I have a new niece!! Xinnia Lalita Hansen, named from the flower Zinia, although for now she will probably go by her Thai name, Lalita. They want her to be bilingual so for now Phil will always speak in English and Pook will always speak in Thai. Everything went great. The surgery was only about 30 min. and the baby is totally healthy. Pook on the other hand is healthy but in a LOT of pain. They can't give her very strong pain meds because she will breast feed; so she feels a lot. Today we spent all day at the hospital. Mom and baby have to stay for 4 days. All the nurses would come in periodically to see what the half-baby looked like. Pook has to lie down on her back for 24 hours- it was so hard seeing her in so much pain and not being able to hold her baby- I felt bad that I got to hold her so much! Lalita is so cute! Her skin is pretty fair right now and she has dark hair. She is a very good baby, only cries every 2 hours when she's ready to eat. My mom and I came home for the night- I drove home in the dark, rainy night... no problem :-) - and my brother was left to care for Lalita, he seemed a bit nervous but the nurses are right there to help. We have a nice suite at the hospital with two couches, dinning set, bathroom-- very comfortable for the four of us. Thank you for all your prayers, they definitely helped!! I'll post pictures soon!


mary elizabeth said...

oh, that is so great to hear!! i'm glad everything went well. i cannot wait to see pictures :D

Jesse said...

oh this is wonderful! How exciting tash! congratulations!!