Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's a bugs life

My patience has been tried time and time again this week.
1. The mold in my room is completely out of control, it is driving me nuts- everything is damp. We haven't had any sun for 3 weeks now.
2. Last night in the shower a little geko decided to attack me, it was disgusting.
3. My brother's dog has ticks. Every time he goes out he comes back in with a few. We constantly have to check him over and pluck them off. I have had 4 ticks on me (in my skin) in the last 3 days. I have found 3 in my bed. Needless to say I have had very restless sleep.
4. Ants are everywhere. I'll be sitting watching tv and there will be ants on me. They're smaller than in America but their bites hurt. We continue to spray for them but this is how it is in the rainy season.
5. Tonight out at dinner there was a cock roach running around on our table. It was a nice restaurant so you wouldn't expect it but there it was. It was extremely fast, running under all our dishes so we couldn't catch it. It run under the napkin dispenser so we picked that up and then found another bug that started to scurry around. We couldn't catch either of them so I just hope that none of them slipped into my food when I wasn't looking!

Conclusion: I hope tomorrow is a better week.

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i'm mary elizabeth said...

Yikes!!! Ahhh, I hate bugs! And I think I would have a heart attack if a gecko joined me in the shower!