Friday, November 4, 2011

School Celebration

It's time for a little catch-up, sorry for the delayed posting.....

My Thai language school recently had their 10 yr anniversary of being open. They had a big celebration for all the students to come and take part in. As with Buddhist tradition they brought in many monks to saying blessings over the teachers and the building. It was interesting to see....but I'll admit it lasted quite a while. At least I was able to make some new friends who were in some Modules below me, while we waited for the ceremony to finish so we could enjoy all the delicious food.

Interestingly enough I was sitting with a group of Korean guys (actually this isn't very interesting considering they make up about 75% of my school ^_^) chatting and getting to know each other. Also on the couch was a Thai lady, over-hearing our conversation. I told the guys I'm a missionary and go to church. The Thai lady quickly perked up asking what church I go to. Wouldn't you know it, we go to the same church!?! She is the girlfriend of a Austrian man studying at my school (that's why she was at the party). Somehow she's never seen me, I don't say that in an egotistical way as in everyone should know me. But you can't miss me at church. There's only 2 other white females and I'm the only tall, long blonde haired I'm just saying.

She speaks decent English and we planned to meet at church the next week. We met and sat by each other and had lunch after together. The next week her boyfriend came too. I love being able to chat with Thais at church and get some practice. That has been a fun God connection.

All the teachers inside with the monks with the students watching

some of our classrooms have amazing views of the city, it is the
best when you get a classroom with a window.
all the yummy food and desserts

With my Module 4 teacher

Module 4 at school was all about reading and writing and learning all the special rules. It required a lot of work and lots of hours on homework. I would go to school for 4 hours and then do at least 3 hours on homework each night! Ugh! But the more you put into it, the more you get back, so nothing is wasted. ^^

Last day of class. We started with 9 students, but ended with 4 (2 Korean men and my Japanese friend) it is a hard module that requires lots of time. I really should take 'first day of school' pictures and 'last day' just to compare.

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