Saturday, November 5, 2011


My friends and I were able to all meet up and have a ladies night. They are all such a blessing in my life. Living in this big city with out them would make it so much harder. I love how God is always faithful to provide.

We tried a new restaurant we found good reviews on located right on the river. It was beautiful, quaint, and right across from one of the famous temples. Sunset was beautiful followed by the lights reflecting on the water.

Wat Arun

Celeste and I

Sandy and Emily, on the right, I've known since I moved here- they work for Night Light and Bethany on the left just moved out here for at least a year to help with Celeste's ministry to lady-boys. Bethany studies at my same language school, so now I have an American buddy I can speak English with on the breaks-- such a nice change. I'm realizing how necessary it is to communicate with someone in your own language- not being able to can be really exhausting.

The rest of the crew. Sarah Beth on the left, I met for the first time and we discovered we have very similar hearts for ministry in Thailand- very similar- we're curious to see how God will connect the dots. Natasha on the end in stripes works for World Vision and has been seen on CNN reporting during the flood crisis. Then there's Natalya on the right, my Colombian fire-cracker friend- she is so Latin- full of emotion and expression and speaks the best street Thai slang around. She is amazing and constantly has me smiling. So in our group we have me: Natasha, the other Natasha, and Natalya. Let's just say we're all trying to adjust- never being friends with same named people- it's an adjustment. ^_^

After dinner we checked out the night flower market in China town. It was really fun and really pretty. Those bunches of roses were about $1. If only I lived closer. I would buy one everyday.

We finished the evening at this funky little place
listening to this amazing jazz band

The Thai lady was incredible- her singing voice was amazing- she sounded like
Zooey Deschanel (from Elf and 500 days of Summer). Then when she spoke,
she totally sounded Thai with her Asian accent, it was adorable.

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