Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom comes to Bangkok

My mom came out mid-October for 9 weeks or so to visit the family, especially the grand kids- Skype just doesn't do justice when it comes to children.

She was able to spend a full week with me before heading down south to my brother's. I had school everyday and homework, but we were able to fit in some shopping days for sure! We checked out the new mall that just opened near my school and house- it is amazing, so extravagant! We ate at some delicious restaurants and of course saw a couple movies in the plush theaters of Bangkok.

It was real good for my mom to understand where I live, how I go to school, where I shop for groceries, etc. Now that she has lived it and can picture, there's no more worry. My life, although extremely different, is very safe.

Mom's arrival: 1 suitcase for me, 1 for my brother, & 1 car seat for the grand kid

At my church sitting with my Thai friends that God has blessed me with. They practice their English and I Thai- my mom was able to understand half the conversation. ;)

I wanted Mom to experience all forms of public transportation in Bangkok, so we took the river boat taxi along the canals of the city. Bangkok is called the Venice of the East.

We went to my friend, Celeste's, coffee shop who helps lady-boys
and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes and coffees.

We went to Lumpini Park, which is like the Central Park of Bangkok.
Such a nice escape, even in the midst of the big city.

We found a great restaurant at the top of the new mall with the booths shaped liked little cabanas overlooking the city and river. It was beautiful!
You can see the sky train to my left and my school is in one of those high-rise buildings

Thai Ice Tea- part of every Thai diet

Great fun to finally share this part of my life with my mom.

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