Saturday, August 13, 2011

God's Goodness

The last two weeks at my brother's were amazing. God is truly moving right now and I got to see first hand God reveal Himself to His beautiful children.

One week my brother, his wife, and some short-term visitors went around the University, where he volunteers and has a small Christian group meeting already, they passed out flyers and invited many students to come to a 'Fun day with English speakers'. Shortly after, a group of students showed up, expressing they had received similar flyers from them in the past but really felt an urgency to finally check it out this time. They had a great time and returned the next week. My brother continued to share with them of how God loves His children and loves to reveal Himself to them through healing their bodily pains. One of the Thai girls had been having pain in her knees and could feel the pain. So my brother and others prayed for her healing. Immediately after the prayer the pain went away completely. She was in awe about what God had done for her. This stirred the faith in the fellow students who were seeing the power of God for the first time.

The next week they came again, and I had the privilege of being there. When the girl came she said that her pain in her knees was still gone and she was still so happy and surprised. We explained what it meant to sing songs and worship Jesus and that when we worship we expect to hear from God either through a picture, a feeling, or words. After worship we went around and shared what we received from God. Some girls felt 'light' or 'heat', some felt really peaceful, and one boy actually saw a man in a white robe come to him and pick him up in his hand and shield him from a dangerous path ahead. *what?!* When it was translated for me, I think my jaw dropped open. I was in such wonder and amazement of my God. These students know nothing of Jesus or the Bible and at this point we've told them very little and yet during worship Jesus revealed Himself to him. How special is that.

We read some scripture verses about the miracles Jesus performed and shared more testimonies of how much God loves to heal our physical ailments. Afterwards we took prayer requests from everyone and prayed. But we didn't do the usual quick prayer where you spout off each others problems to the Lord while sitting in a circle and say Amen. We took time for each one. We would all surround the one and lay hands on the one being prayed over. So here we are with 5 new people completely new to this whole laying on of hands and praying to Father God about our needs, praying for each other, praying for their friends. And the thing is they're not praying these timid, quiet prayers, they're not. There's such assurance in their voice and they all step up to pray, not one takes the back seat and just observes. It was the most beautiful thing.

One of the girls had been having pain in her foot and she couldn't rotate it very well. So we had these new girls lay hands on her foot and command the pain to leave and for complete healing to come in Jesus name. The first time they prayed it improved a little but not completely, so we had them pray again. Afterwards we asked her to test it out, walk around, what can you do now that you couldn't before? She starts testing it and this shock and amazement comes over her face and you can tell she's thinking: *What?! Is the pain really gone? Can I really move my foot like I couldn't before?* And the girls who prayed are in just as much shock and awe. I thank Jesus that I had the privilege of seeing these girls and guys see the power of God and experience His love for them for the very first time. It totally builds my faith up as much as it does theirs. And it causes me to fall more deeply in love with my Savior, the lover of my soul.

Two of the girls are just eating up everything they can about Jesus, asking endless questions. Wondering if God still loves them even though they aren't Christians and how it all works, and about the Father's love. They tell us the following week that when they went back to their dorm, the wrist of one of the girls was really hurting. So she turned to her friend and said, pray for my wrist. So she did and the pain completely left immediately. Can you believe it?! These girls are living examples of what it means to have child-like faith. They're fully believing what they hear and have complete faith to back it up and do it themselves. There's such boldness and sweetness to them; they are so hungry. I am so honored to see the start of their journey with the Lord and I pray the seeds that have been planted will go down deep and there's nothing the enemy can do to uproot them.

It's amazing how God can respond when we take all familiarity we have with God, the Bible, and Christianity and throw it out the window. When we just take the Bible for what it says and believe it, simply because it says so, and that God is God and He is GOOD.

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