Friday, May 6, 2011

Module 1: Complete.

Today was the last day of Module 1 at language school. I plan to do all 6 Modules plus 4 electives. I have had a very enjoyable first month, filled with so many many laughs; having a good healthy laugh everyday has been so good for my soul especially adjusting to living alone. We learned to ask questions like what did you do today, yesterday, after school; where did you go and why; what did you eat--to name a few. So everyday we would practice asking and answering these types of questions. We all knew everything about one another- what we did each hour of the day- nothing was private. The teacher loves to ask what you ate, how much you ate (1 plate, 2 plates) and then proceeds to comment on your weight whether you ate too much and need to diet, or no wonder you're so skinny... it is pretty hilarious, yet also some what I laugh at this? If you say you bought something the follow up question is how much did you pay? (classic Thai style- you are asked this about everything....then typically told, 'Oui, too much!') Going through this while setting up home was quite the experience, there were many times I did not want to answer and tried to get away with, 'I forget' (with a smile and bat of the eyes). Weight/appearance and money are never off limits with Thais.
(I had to sneak these shots during class)

For the last day we had a little food party. We planned to just bring little snacks and chips from 7-eleven or something. Then the Korean lady in my class had delivered 3 huge platters of Korean food- everyone was stunned and shocked and our contributions suddenly seemed minuscule. I wasn't shocked much, this woman is a giver. She lives one block away from me, random I know, and taxis everyday to school. I asked her on week 2 if I could taxi with her and split the cab instead of taking a bus and sky train in the heat to get to school. She said of course! but would refuse to take any money, since she goes anyway. So I have been getting a free taxi aircon ride to school everyday, can we say Thank you Jesus! I will be sad not to study with her next module, but not merely for that reason.

all Koreans plus me... we had a Russian, but she quit.
Teacher's in the blue and pink polo

not sure exactly what this was...but it was sooo yummy, I lost count how many I had.

sushi, chocolate cake, meat, and mango--yum, yum, yum.
Module 2 begins Monday...I'm excited for the new classmates I'll meet; I just hope they're as cool as these- the bar's been set high.

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Mo said...

Wait, Natasha, which one are you? You fit right in. The one on the right, left? Ohhh wait, I think I spotted you. You're the white one. ;)