Monday, April 25, 2011

Radical Raging Love

Radical raging love flows like liquid fire filling the darkness with hope and light melting the ice, breaking the chains and calling forth a new generation to extreme living, dying to self and the world, living new energy of passion bursting forth to love the ugly to beauty and uncover the hidden treasures from the dust of the earth His Kingdom within reach, within us, wanting to be let out as we step out of the comfort into the tension of the unseen untouched being more real than the tangible visible, until faith creates the world dreamed for into the physical reality around us.

These are not my words, but come from a fellow Iris Missionary couple who are completely living out the power of the Gospel and seeing many lives miraculously healed and transformed all by the power and love of Jesus. They literally travel across the world bringing the power of Christ to every person they meet. They were here with the team in Bangkok, then went to India, Japan, Nepal, and up north; then will head to Australia, Indonesia, and Mozambique. In the fall they will trek through Central and South America targeting the lowest, most unreached, and darkest places and bringing the light of Jesus Christ. Then finally moving to Micronesia. Please check out their blog if you want to be blown away by what God can do, and is doing all across the world through willing, laid-down lives.

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