Sunday, April 24, 2011

Suck Seed ห่วยขั้นเทพ

Last Sunday was my last day of freedom before the busy week begun. I had a great New Year holiday which included 9 days off from school. I needed to celebrate the end somehow. I've been wanting to see this Thai movie, Suck Seed, since I'd see previews with my Iris team. I decided tonight would be the night. I left at dusk, enjoying the beautiful sunset while elevated at the sky train, looking out over the city. When I arrived- 3 min early- I was still the first one, so I had freedom to snap some shots. In Thailand you pick out what seat you want to sit in when you buy your ticket...similar to our concerts in the states. It's nice because they show about 35min of previews every time, so you can show up quite late and still get your perfect seat.

The movie was in Thai with English subtitles and really really funny! It's about relationships, love, music, and succeeding (or suck seeding ;). I was able to pick up some Thai words as well, hearing them repeated a bunch and translated in the subtitles. Overall, it was a great end to the fabulous holiday. At my sky train stop I bought some mango and sticky rice and taxi-motorbiked home. I spoiled myself, and loved it!

sadly no subtitles on the preview, but you can hear the language I will soon be fluent in :)

my favorite thai dessert, now it's mango season so there's a plethora of it!

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