Saturday, April 23, 2011


Last Friday was the end of Songkran and I had fabulous holiday with great girls in the city. When the Iris team was here we connected with a girl, Malena, who has started a home for trafficked Cambodian children. She lives in Bangkok and told me she usually gets brunch with a group of gals in the city each week and I should definitely join them. When I was at my friends house for the bbq for Songkran the girls started talking about the brunch date on Friday with Malena. I realized, these girls who I've been hanging out with, are the girls Malena was talking about!!! Of all the million people in Bangkok, these are them. Wow.

So we met for brunch Friday and shared about our weeks and what's going on. Each one of us has own our ministry in the city, so it is good to hear what God is doing and how to encourage and pray for one another. Afterwords we went to Celeste's home to hang out and enjoy the new year. We played the board game Ticket to Ride. If you have not heard of or played before, definitely check it out. It's different, simple, fun, and not too long of a commitment- like Monopoly or Risk- but definitely ranks up there among the classics. My brother got the American version for Christmas so I was familiar with it, but my friend had the European version which is a little trickier. Then we ordered pizza from an actual brick oven cooking Italian restuarant and watched the movie, Salt. Celeste has a white Lab puppy who bounces of the walls and eats EVERYTHING! She is tons of fun and reminds me completely of the movie Marley and Me.

As we were playing the game, I looked around and could not believe it. I have only been in the city for less than 3 weeks and here I am surround by friends and community, hanging out on a Friday night. I felt so blessed and completely taken care of by my good Papa God in heaven.

Brunch with the girls (left to right): me, Sandy, Janie, Emily, Malena, and Celeste

Ticket to Ride

I have never seen the sky train this's definitely Songkran!

my neighbors having fun playing Songkran (taken from the safety of my balcony)they were attacking every car and person that came through....and loving it!
these little girls would hide behind pilars and trees to shoot people

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