Monday, April 4, 2011

Random connections

Sunday afternoon I happened to get on Facebook and see that a recent connection/friend I made in BKK- who's starting a business here for women rescued from the sex trade- was at an internet cafe just down the street from my house...completely random. So naturally I had to pop in and say hi, how often am I going to have a friend in my neighborhood? We caught up as it had been a couple weeks, hearing about each others recent adventures and future plans. Then we headed out to find a place to eat, stumbling upon a pretty sweet outdoor restaurant literally a block from my house.

The night involved great food, drink, music, conversation, and laughs. It was a blessing to connect, share stories, beliefs, bounce ideas off each other, and encourage one another. He's quite the net-worker, so he connected me with other like-hearted girls in the city, one in which a coffee date has already been arranged. The night was such a blessing from God. I felt God saying, that even though I am new to Bangkok and know essentially no one, He's going to drop connections/friends right into my lap. I was so encouraged and filled up. This big world, isn't all that lonely, because my God is bigger. Kyle leaves tomorrow, but his team and he will be back every 6 months or so to check on their business. That makes connecting so much easier...when you know it's not goodbye for good.

I'm excited for the next contact, and the next, and the next, and the next. This is going to be exciting.

Bangkok is such an international hub for Asia, that I have a feeling I'm going to have lots of visitors either from good friends or just acquaintances. Either way I will always have company. Yay. :)

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