Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting grounded

I haven't taken my camera out at all since I've moved, shame on me I know. This week I'm going to be more intentional about that. Language school has been so much fun. Oh, the stories I could tell. Every day I die of laughter, which is oh so good for my soul and spirit. I'm pretty sure I could have tested out of Module 1, but I've come to terms with that and realize it's a good opportunity for me to really focus on tones and sentence structure. My classmates are great, we're already like a little family. After class we'll go out and eat together, that's where the fun begins.

The older Korean lady, G, has lived in Thailand for 8 years but needs help with the tones and such, she speaks no English basically. Then there's the older Korean, Lee, who speaks only a bare amount of English. Then the younger Korean, U, who speaks decent English. And then the Russian lady who speaks in her deep Russian voice only some English. So when we're all together it's hilarious. If I want to speak to G, I have to use the Thai that I know...but then no one else at the table understands, so she translates to Korean. Then they all talk and I sit there, then U will translate Korean to English for me. And when I talk to Lee, U has to be near by to translate different words. People seem to be always looking....wondering how this group of people are connected...

Everyday I go out and explore a new part of the city. I am still shopping and getting things for my place so I try new stores everyday. It's quite fun, although exhausting. But I did stumble upon a nice outdoor night market, that I look forward to returning..... Clothes are my weakness, and there are so many cute, cheap clothes here, it's almost overwhelming. I really have to budget myself! (but those of you who know me, I'm pretty good at that). I have to remind myself, it's not like I'm leaving anytime soon- I can always come back whenever.

I am totally amazed at Bangkok's public transportation. It really could not get anymore straight forward, clean, safe, fast, and easy. It is so wonderful- nothing like the San Francisco subway or the Metro in Paris. Everything looks brand new. They really put some thought into this city before they built it up. We really need this in the states.

On Saturday I met up with my friend Christina, who Kyle introduced me to, her friend is moving to New York and having a moving sale. We checked out her lovely home, but nothing seemed to be a fit for me. Her friend then said she is just going to give away her accessories, so we raided her stash. I got some super cute earring, head band, and bracelet. Love it! Then we grabbed some lunch at a nearby noodle shop and got to know each other. She is such a great girl, I had so much fun with her, such a great net-worker. She is Thai but lived in England for 3 years, so she's knows foreigners... such a help. I'm very glad we got connected. Upon leaving the restaurant the Thai staff asked us to pose for a photo holding their sign. Then they mentioned they will post it on Facebook....what kind of world have we turned into?!? After lunch I decided to try out the subway system and find a furniture shop I had looked up online. I have been looking for a good couch and table. After finding the shop I looked around and found my couch. I am super excited and can't wait for it to be delivered. It took me about an hour of walking around and thinking if it was really the one...I mean this is a huge, permanent purchase! But I'm confident now and can't wait for it to arrive.

Then that evening I went to church at New Song, my Iris team had gone there on a Sun. morning service. One of the missionary pastors, Paul, went to language school with my brother and he's the one that helped me find my wonderful place. He lives right across from me with his family and the Worship pastor at New Song just moved into Paul's building. I am always texting Paul when I have a question: how late do the buses run? what's the easiest way to get here? where is this located? It's so great. Every now and then I'll run into them on our little street, it's very comforting...I'm not alone.

Back at New Song, I met back up with Christina and ran randomly into my other friends who work at NightLight especially this lovely girl. Such a fun surprise!!! I was able to talk with the girl Michelle, whom Kyle had told me about, she lives in the slums and does ministry there. I am really interested in checking out what she does, so it was great to chat with her. Then after service I just introduced myself to this girl who said she's from South Africa. I told her I was just there and in Mozambique with Iris Min. and what I'm doing here for Iris. She was blown away and said a really good family friend staffs the missionary school there. Of course I know him well and we also had other people in common that we knew. She said she had always wanted to go to Harvest School, but felt God called her to Thailand instead......interesting. She told me of a couple who does a home church that she usually attends on Sunday, as she hardly ever makes it to New Song..... she really felt I was to meet them, so gave me their info. Next Sunday I hope to check them out.

After church we were all hungry so Janie, her friend, Michelle and I went to none other than Coyote Ugly. Yes they have those here. We ate, chatted, and laughed for hours. It was so much fun, I felt like I had known those girls for a long time. I feel like everyday I have some sort of activity/hangout/meet & greet happening. It is so much fun. I swear I have more contacts in my phone right now than I ever did in the states. I am blown away by how small the world seems...especially amongst the body of Christ- although that's how it's supposed to be right? That's one thing I felt here- is openness, unity, and community; no cliques or sub-groups. We're all here by the Love of God and for the benefit of others. I'm sure I'll hit 'opposition' at some point, but for now it is the love and open doors that I'm receiving and loving.

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