Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glory Conference

The first of this month we headed down south a few provinces to the province of Hat Yai for a conference. We have been preparing for this conference for many months, so we were all glad it was finally here. A pastor from Montana, Paul Arrends, has been coming out with his family and a team from his church every year to put on conferences for the pastors in Thailand. I first met them 2 years ago when I was in Thailand last and have since visited them twice in Montana this past year. It was so good to reunite and share stories of what God has done the past year.

We packed everyone and all our stuff into the truck and made the 4 hour trek down south. Phil, Pook, Grandma, Lalita, Kayla, and I. No room for me in the truck so I was in the back with all the luggage, stroller, pack-n-play, etc. Fun times!

Pook sang on the worship team each day. It was so awesome to see the Thais worship their Creator full-heartedly. The main speakers were Leif Hetland, from the Netherlands who does a lot of ministry in Pakistan; Paul Yadao from the Philippines; and Paul Arrends. The speakers were great, talking about the Father's Love, Spirit of Adoption, and God's Glory. Such good things to always hear, especially for the Thais-- God's Kingdom is the greatest!

God is moving through this nation!!! We are expecting a great harvest to come. God's people are waking up and calling out for Him, and He is faithful to answer our prayers. It was so exciting to be a part of it. On the first session we found 5 diamonds from heaven, that's right! For those who know what I'm talking about, be impressed, I sure was. It was exhilarating!! :D

Great worship team---Pook's in the back

one night, the Joy of the Lord really broke out and we danced for 45 min!
It was so so so much fun!

packed house to hear Leif Hetland

we took over the back so the toddler could play

all the kids loved Lalita's little DVD player, she became the little ring leader

hanging out in the hotel room, between sessions.

I had great conversations with Leif each morning during breakfast--talking about Heidi Baker and Mozambique. Talking with him led to great revelation and possible connections for me in the future with my ministry in Thailand. God is good and His timing is perfect.
Leif Hetland, the apostle of Love. How true that is, he sees, looks at, and loves
every person who comes across his path.

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