Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Countdown.

I am back home in California. 11 days left til I fly out. Leaving Las Vegas made the reality of it all come to existence. I'm really going. I'm really stepping out. Goodbyes are being said, and the packing has started. As excited and thrilled I am to go, it's easy for reservations to creep up. Everything is changing, life as I knew it will no longer exist- but that's the exciting part, I have to tell myself.

This past month in Las Vegas was incredible. ICLV (International Church of Las Vegas) is my home church and they are totally backing what I'm doing. I was able to share often in their classes and at church what I have seen and heard and what God's calling me to do. I know that God hand picked me from CA to bring me to ICLV to have this great connection and covering. I have never felt so loved and so supported simply for being me. It is the sweetest thing.

It’s hard when you’ve encountered love like I have in Vegas to leave it. To experience it in it’s greatness and walk away. No questions asked, but looking forward, following in obedience. The road is unmarked, the path is foggy, and I’m walking into unknown territory. Who knew my ‘day dream’ would become my reality. What am I getting myself into?? Oh Lord, only You know. But I trust You. People say it’s brave what I’m doing, but I don’t think of it like that. I’m just obeying my Father, walking hand-in-hand with Him. Where He says go, I go. There’s no bravery to that, just simply being with my Dad, whom I love so very much. You’re all that I want Jesus. You and You alone. More and more of You is all that I ask for. I am so thankful for all the great people I have in my life, for the ability and chance to know them, receive from them, and be inspired by.

My Vegas Family

Amazing and supportive Friends

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