Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thai Family

A couple weeks ago Pook's family, mom and nephew- Ice (12 yr), came and stayed with us for a week. It was fun having them here and I know they enjoyed just relaxing in a nicer house and watching tv and playing with Lalita. It rained most of the days they were here though, so that was a bummer- we couldn't take them out and around as often as we wanted. But we were blessed on the day we decided to go to a waterfall with no rain and a little sun. We went to eat out a couple times and went shopping at the mall.
Out to eat at a new sushi buffet. The food goes around on this conveyor belt and you grab what you want and throw it in your water pot, making your own soup mixture. Ice had a lot of fun grabbing the dishes as they came our way!
Ready to hike to the waterfall!
It's seriously the most beautiful place
The water's a bit chilly when you first get in! Funny story, so the guy sitting on the rock on the left jumped into the water right after this, but didn't realize the water's deeper there. So he's a few feet in front of me and is panicking and freaking out-- clearly doesn't know how to swim. I'm watching him and there is complete terror in his face and he is grasping for air. And I'm freaking out and thinking, do I need to reach out and save him or is he going to recover? I don't want to demoralize him or anything, a foreigner girl grabbing him and saving his life. His two sons are with him and they are just laughing their heads off, so Phil asked them if he's ok and they said, "Oh ya he's fine." So I just watched him and finally he made it over to where he could touch. It wasn't that close of a call, I obviously would have saved him if need be, but it was crazy seeing that terror in his eyes-- I was a little shaken up after.
Ice jumping, Phil, and me
Seeing them off at the train, they got their own little cabin.

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Jesse said...

haha! Sad that the man's sons were just laughing at him! You should have saved him so you could say you have saved a man's life! Those pictures are so beautiful Tash! Miss you!

ps. those glasses jared was wearing are actually mine also, hence the big girly style. He didnt seem to mind ;)