Friday, February 27, 2009

High School Kids

A few weeks ago my brother and I went to the high school's English camp with them. We traveled to a beach town called Hua Hin, outside of Bangkok. We boarded the train with all the 35 students and 2 other teachers. We had to ride 3rd class to keep the cost down for the students, it was pretty brutal. 3rd class includes a hard wooden bench straight up and down and open windows, no air conditioning; and to top it off the train was pretty full, so no stretching out. We boarded the train at 3pm and was supposed to get there at 1 am but at 12:30 the train broke down for 2 hours. We didn't arrive at Hua Hin until 4am and finally got in bed at 5am!
Trying to sleep on the train!

The next day the kids were up bright and early and swimming in the ocean. We took our time and got breakfast with the teachers. We played games with the kids like telephone- using English words, and other English games. Then we all ventured onto the beach where the students needed to interview foreigners to practice their English. It was great fun, some foreigners were such good sports! The students were quite shy but some were brave enough to ask the questions while the others just huddled around to watch. Hua Hin is bigger than where we live now so we were able to eat Subway for lunch it was amazing to have a good sandwich and later we were able to eat at Burger King; things Nakhon just does not have. In the evening we went swimming in the ocean and played games with the kids- it was a lot of fun!
Interviewing the foreigners!

The camp was really fun, even though it was only a couple days we were able to really bond with the students and become more friends with them. Not much English was really spoken though, they really don't know any English. They don't remember anything we teach them- it's really frustrating! The students were more interested in teaching me Thai than them using their English to communicate, needless to say I did learn some new things!

Riding in the truck taxis and at the aquarium

Joy, Mam, and Me and Walking on the beach

Playing telephone and Shopping at a market

Playing in the ocean and Leading the kids in games

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