Monday, January 23, 2012

Life is Beautiful, it's true.

Life is Beautiful. My title says it all. I am at such a beautiful place in my life. I want for nothing. And better yet I'm receiving things that I didn't even know I wanted. The gifts, tangible and abstract are flowing freely my way. I am continually filled with such joy and excitement, I literally cannot contain it. I cannot smile big enough to express how I feel. I am so utterly overwhelmed by the love of God. I walk around like a giddy girl who is love with a permanent smile on my face.

And yet at the same time I see and hear the stories of the broken hearted, the lost, the destitute. Those who have experienced such injustice and live life without the knowledge of the hope and love of God. I am completely overwhelmed with their sadness and pain. I cry out and pray for them as if they were my own flesh and blood. And I start to see that this is how Father God feels.

God has infused me with His love and I cannot help but lavish it on others and at the same time have compassion on those suffering. It's not just compassion, but empathy, I can feel their heart cry deep in my soul.

To list all the blessings from God would take pages and pages and pages. Oh, how my soul sings how good He is. The Bible is true, for if we fully believe it in soul and mind, there is nothing to worry or fear. For we live in God's Kingdom and He has full ability to provide for our every need and loves to lavish His love on us.

I have never had this many friends in my life at one time as I do now. Friends that know me, that love and care for me deeply. I turn to the left or to the right and there is someone whose got my back, who if I have a problem would drop everything and come immediately. To feel such great love not only from God but from all those around you is like nothing else.


Everything comes back to Love. LOVE is the greatest weapon and the greatest cure. The Bible says PERFECT LOVE casts out all fear. When you've experienced the perfect love of the Father... that's it, there's nothing else to worry about for you know He's always got your back and will carry you through whatever trial comes your way.


Anonymous said...

Goodness! Its funny when you hit the "next blog button" on blogspot and find someone you grew up with! its so good to see you doing well and serving the Lord! xo, Anne Marie (from MCHS)

Natasha said...

Wow, that is super crazy!! Good luck remodeling your house! xx