Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last weekend I had the honor of meeting my home pastors in Malaysia for a conference. I had never been to Malaysia, besides the numerous border runs which really don't count, so I was excited. My home church is the International Church of Las Vegas and the head pastor, Paul Goulet, as well as the Executive Pastor, Pasqual were the two that came out. I lived in Pasqual's home with his family for the year I did the School of Ministry at ICLV. So it was a wonderful reunion with the spiritual fathers of my life.

The Malaysian church was so loving, welcoming, and such a blessing to spend time with. Pastor Paul taught on the Prophetic and Healing. We saw many people healed, not only physically but especially emotionally. I was apart of the ministry team praying for everyone after each of the sessions. There were 8 sessions total, so come Sunday I was feeling exhausted, but also so filled up by the presence of God.

It was such a blessing to be able to spend one-on-one time with my pastors. I was able to share what's going on in Thailand and receive good vision and strategy from them. It was the total refreshing my soul needed to reconnect and be empowered to keep pressing on. I'm excited to meet up with them whenever they come to Asia and minister with them- I'm so thankful that door is open now and relationship has deepened.

We all had a really good time with the leaders of the Malaysian church and I feel so connected with them even only after a few days. They completely adopted me and welcomed me. It is nice to know I have another church family that is closer than the states (only a 2hr. plane ride away). Sometimes you can get real cheap tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so visiting is definitely doable. I'm excited to see how God will continue to connect us and to see where the relationship goes.

At lunch with my spiritual fathers

At the church

Pastor Paul declaring God's word and truth over the Malaysians

so many calling out to God and seeking His face.

so beautiful

A couple of the Pastors and amazing women of God at the church

it's so wonderful to be used by God and allow Him to
touch His children here on earth

At dinner after a session with a really fun group of believers.

Pastor Paul decided we should celebrate my June birthday that evening....I loved it!

The last evening we got to go downtown and experience Chinatown

I stayed with one of the pastors who had 2 adorable children that I will
definitely miss. This little one called me her 'real life Barbie'.

This little guy quickly became known as my boyfriend, following
me around everywhere! I loved it! How cute is he, seriously!

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